Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Smartwatch kokoda green EU

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GPS, Black/Green, GLONASS, 22 h, PPG sensor, Black/Green

Hey, remember to close the charger
Do a loading day? Do a week of loading? No, it is not good enough. The version for young people of the clock, load, once, continuous use 45 days 1 , you should receive your charger. Monitoring only a few steps and sleep properly because of four months 2 life.

The watch has a built-in GPS chip 28-nanometer low-power Sony, and uses a positioning method of a dual mode GPS + GLONASS to search for satellite signals, which is fast and accurate. With the sport watch GPS, even if the phone is not near many things you can do during the exercise, run a track with the form of love, see if you can run with the speed and reach the F1 car, throwing the arm at the 10 km ahead at a happy.

Outdoor play, falling properly
The display of the clock in any weather, you can lift the hand to see the content; reflective display, external light, more clear the screen; GPS complete open, battery life up to 22 hours 3 , you do not have to load Po of cross-country racing; defense water proof dust proof IP68 4 basically goes where.

Aerobic and without oxygen
Watch compact, comprehensive monitoring of the changes of the heart rate, the amount of exercise is not the standard, the effect is good or bad, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, of a look that is known, believer and convenient.
PPG Sensor

Do not worry about cell phones, news QQ directly to see you can not only directly see the QQ, micro letters, SMS messages, there are a lot of things to do: connect your phone to help unlock the lock screen of the phone, when the phone does not hear, the vibration to remember in the wrist; vibration alarm clock considered, You awake alone, sit too long, the watch will call you and you will move.

Notification of APP, Reminder calls, Reminder alarm, Reminder sedentary
New Millet Sports 3.0 million of users are together The clock and the new millet sports 3.0 are used together to provide a new sports experience and sports data more accurate. Many features intimate and custom allow you to move more gently, not to kill cancer slow and you are going with 5 million people. Sports!

How can I be bound?
Even with the belt, it is only 32 grams, as light as a sports armband! Please without feeling, to come to a tray of rampant three steps, use the sleep and even go to the black will become wonderful.

Don't worry, 4-color only choose
Black stone, eh, for you. Don't worry, the khaki green is also good, hey, the flame orange also does not have limits, the gray sandstone is suitable for sending GF.
The sleeve is available in 4 colors and the strap 6 are breathable and pleasant to the skin is released quickly and can be quickly replaced to your liking.
There are a stack of strips custom custom in the meeting, so stay tuned.

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Producent Xiaomi
Kort opsummering Xiaomi Amazfit Beep, Touchskærm, GPS, 22 t, Sort, Grøn
Lang opsummering Xiaomi Amazfit Beep. Touchskærm. GPS. Batteriets levetid: 22 t. Farve: Sort, Grøn, Bånd, farve: Sort


Farve Sort, Grøn
Bånd, farve Sort
Form Rektangulær


FM radio
Indbygget kamera
Tekstbeskeder (SMS)




Batteriets levetid 22 t

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