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Aimo RGBA white

With a striking design and a stunning feature set, the Kone AIMO triumphantly channels the legacy of its predecessor. Released in 2007, the original Kone was born as the first ROCCAT® product, setting a new industry standard with its groundbreaking innovations. Pioneered using ROCCAT's signature know-how coupled with the input of almost 30,000 surveyed gamers and Kone-lovers, the Kone AIMO continues the ten years of rich tradition. It boasts refined ergonomics with enhanced button distinction, but what truly sets it apart is its RGBA double lightguides powered by the state-of-the-art AIMO intelligent lighting system plus its responsive and remarkably accurate Owl-Eye optical sensor. The Kone AIMO truly travels at the speed of light.

Where the original Kone made waves as the very first mouse to feature multi-color illumination with its two light strips, the Kone AIMO doubles it to four and adds a glowing mousewheel to bring the future of lighting to the present. Powered by AIMO, the living light system that reacts intuitively and organically to usage, it presents a state-of-the-art illumination scenarios that are easily configured, reactive and above all fluid, for a completely next-gen experience.

The Kone AIMO takes the much-loved ergonomics of its Kone predecessor and refines them for a new and even greater level of comfort and control. Building on the rich 10 years of experience of its predecessors, its shape and features are honed to absolute perfection for mid- to large-handed gamers. The feel of the Kone AIMO in your hands isn't just a mouse, it's a high-level gaming experience with a deep and profound legacy.

Owl-Eye is the exciting new optical sensor from PixArt, modified to the high and exacting standards of ROCCAT®. Taking its inspiration from the natural world, it boasts a real and responsive feeling that’s instantly recognizable. The sensor can be configured in terms of the ROCCAT®-pioneered Distance Control Unit (DCU), with the dpi adjustable in 100-dpi steps from 100 to 12000, although we recommend a 400 – 3000dpi range as optimal.

The Kone AIMO features a tri-button thumb zone for a new and even greater level of control. It includes two wide buttons suitable for all hand sizes, plus an ergonomic lower button set to Easy-Shift[+]™ by default. Easy-Shift[+]™ is the world famous button duplicator technology that lets you assign a secondary function to the mouse's buttons. It's easy to program and has options for simple commands and complex macros, expanding your arsenal to let you react both rapidly and efficiently in the heat of battle.

Swarm is the software incarnation of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy. It’ll cover you for all relevant gaming platforms and devices. It’s the next-gen system that keeps on top all games, apps and ROCCAT® products in one place. It provides next-level product integration, working as a unified driver suite with an overview of all of your ROCCAT® devices. Say goodbye to multiple tray icons – with Swarm you have a veritable gaming command HQ for every weapon in your arsenal.

Kort InfoROCCAT Aimo RGBA, Højre hånd, Optisk, USB, 12000 dpi, 1 ms, Hvid
Lang InfoROCCAT Aimo RGBA. Formfaktor: Højre hånd. Bevægelsessensor teknologi: Optisk, Enhed, interface: USB, Bevægelsesopløsning: 12000 dpi, Responstid: 1 ms, Knap type: Trykte knapper, Antal knapper: 12, Scroll type: Hjul, Acceleration (maks.): 50 G. Belysningsf


Enhed, interfaceUSB
Bevægelsessensor teknologiOptisk
Scroll typeHjul
Antal knapper12
Knap typeTrykte knapper
Bevægelsesopløsning12000 dpi
Anbefalet brugPC
Acceleration (maks.)50 G
Responstid1 ms
Hastighed på forespørgsler1000 Hz
Indbygget hukommelse
Indbygget hukommelseskapacitet512 KB


FormfaktorHøjre hånd
Farve på produktHvid


Kabellængde1,8 m
Plug and play




Understøttede Windows operativsystemerWindows 10,Windows 7,Windows 8

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